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Education is a vast term. Education plays an important role in building a person. According to a recent survey, India is one of the fastest growing countries in education in the world. As the technology is evolving, the way of learning is becoming better. New technology has been introduced in education in the form of smart classes, and virtual teachers, which has made the learning easier. Learning through mobile app has made education at your fingertips. Many mobile application developer in india, USA and UK have developed education apps, which has made learning fun and interactive. Below are listed some of the top education apps that are chosen thorough research and review.

List of top education mobile apps


TED abbreviated as Technology, Education and Design. TED is the best source for both understanding and learning of information and technology. TED was developed by TED Conferences LLC. This app covers a wide category like tech videos, and educational videos, etc. You can watch the videos offline as well and share favourite videos with friends and family.


BYJU’S is an emerging e-learning venture, offering interactive learning programmes for class VI to XII. Founded in 2011 by Byju’s Raveendran, the app was developed by FuGenX Technologies, one of the leading in list of mobile application development companies in bangalore. The app also provides programmes for competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, and IAS.


Pictoword is for both adults and kids who want to learn new words. Pictoword was developed by Kooapps.  Pictorial representation made this app easier to learn new words. You can play puzzles, and connect with friends to solve the puzzles.


This is another app for who loves words. Wordflex supports more than 32 languages and 2 million dictionary words. It includes attractive features like tree based views for easy navigation, sharing words poster via Twitter, Facebook, as well as audio pronunciation of words.


Udemy is a platform for learning skill-based courses such as programming, and cooking, etc. The app was developed by Udemy. You can select course and watch instructional videos. This app allows more than 32,000 online course, and among them, few are fee.


Looking to indulge in more brain work? Do some mathematical problem with this app. Photomath app helps to take the picture of math problem, as well as to solve it. It doesn’t just give answers but also provides steps to solve. This app includes a wide range of equations.


Sololearn is the application which teaches to learn various programming languages. Sololearn was developed by SoloLearn Inc. This app supports languages like C++, python, java, javascript, C#, MYSQL. This is a free app with no in-app purchase.

Have a plan to develop your own Education Application?

If Yes, FuGenX will help you. FuGenX has helped Byju’s to develop amazing e-learning app. Reach FuGenX at or for world class education application development services.


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